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Welcome to Vibrational Information
“Creating Change through Social Exchange”

Vibrational Information is an online hub for people to discuss topics related to education and creative expression. We plan to give the necessary tools for individuals to involve themselves and others in a comfortable yet nurturing environment allowing for the exploration of one’s true passions. We plan to offer the resources to allow you to explore your passions and eventually utilize the tools at your disposal to make a living doing what you love!

We believe our passions carry us through life giving us a reason to evolve and go through life more efficiently. Without these core motivations or “ability to create” we are unable to obtain balance in our life leading to many things like depression and bad judgment. Let’s motivate one another through our shared life experiences so that we have the chance to empower our civilization through support, encouragement, acknowledgment, acceptance, observation and a sense of accomplishment so that people can truly live a happy life.

More About Vibrational Information...

Our goal is to supply you with the resources you need to accomplish this. We hope you will utilize them in creating a more sustainable co-created future. Awakening Truth along with RWAFilms will offer services, recording spaces, event planning, film editing, and provide a place to network and expand your creative abilities.

People who register to support our efforts can receive many different beneficial tools and resources which we are currently developing and with your help by getting involved we can create the upgraded social media platform we so desperately want and need. Help us so that we can develop with you in creating OUR website!

Registering will give you the chance to receive, new information from leading experts from across the globe as well as discounts on books, DVDs, and other products that will be available through the site.

You will also have the opportunity to display, advertise and market your own products through our site as well!
The only adds we plan on displaying will be ads of OUR MEMBERS!
Our Efforts are in creating a community that may reach beyond the importance of monetary value through EMPOWERMENT in an attempt to To show the core root behind our world wide social exchanges and Co-Creation.

Our plan is to:

• Release the entire docu-series once every week in 10 minute episodes

• Create an online media platform where anyone interested will be able to join, have their own blog, join community discussions and events, have special discounted access to high-quality HD and 4k media (photo/video/audio/art) coupons and FREE downloads all for the purpose of expanding upon our idea of “Creating a Change Through Ideological Exchange”

More About Our Plan...

• Invite featured guests to partake in group discussions and video conferences with community members. Reputable professionals that are already on board with the project are Brien Foerster (“Ancient Aliens”, Author & Researcher), John Cadman (“Ancient Aliens”, Engineer & Researcher) & Ross Hamilton (“Ancient Aliens”, “Search for the Lost Giants”, Author) and many others.

• Offer exclusive extra content from the Awakening Truth series, such as: high-resolution video and photos from the locations we’ve traveled to, exclusive interviews as well as behind-the-scenes footage.

• A continuous supply of affordable high-resolution 4K footage (photos/video time lapses).

• The opportunity for people to be up-to-date with RWA Films’ current and future projects.

• FREE HD content and HD media downloads.

• Devote the majority of our funds, research and lives towards bringing the viewer more content that they can relate to and learn from

“Creating a Change Through Ideological Exchange” This is a way for us to put forth an effort to understand the importance of why we exchange goods and services in the first place! Also, we can start to develop an understanding of why people do not feel completely satisfied when compensated monetarily as it does not always happen to be beneficial to both party’s! Sometimes, when money is exchanged for services, individuals can feel dissatisfied, they long for a feeling of accomplishment. Having this sense of accomplishment can aid individuals in their quest for a brighter future. IF we can take a step back and understand to utilize money currently as a tool, as it is a very important resource, and also utilize all the other available tools Vibrational Information has to offer, as well as developing your own, attaining a brighter future will be much simpler. We encourage users to share their life experiences with each other. You never know who you may influence! Someone in a different country might take the time to look at your creative expressions and become inspired themselves.

Donate Towards Empowerment!

It takes a large investment to produce the Awakening Truth series along with Vibrational Information Media platform. We want you to be the judge on whether or not we spent our investment wisely. The platform and series is our donation towards empowerment! We are NOT asking for you to help us acquire funds back from what we spent. We have made an investment that was, not only for us, but for everyone. We hope to create a community that fosters creative expression and connects like minded individuals in a non biased community where they can freely express themselves without being ridiculed.

All we ask, is for you to check out our sight, make a profile use the tools we have given for free such as the forum and the ability to sell your own products, and just have fun connecting with others! We encourage you to check out our series Awakening Truth featuring many influential people who have worked with the History Channel and on many other well known projects! Please feel free to let us know how we might be able to make things even better! Each perspective is vital to the evolutionary process! If you would like to help us with our future plans regarding this website and the second season of the Awakening Truth series, we would be incredibly grateful for anything you might be able to offer! We hope that our efforts will make a difference in today’s media, sociological standards and help give the tools to open the hearts and minds of individuals all around the globe.

Thank you for your support!

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