Amen. Barren fig-tree, thou hast had time, seasons, sermons, ministers, afflictions, judgments, mercies, and what not; and yet hast not been fruitful. upon them. From this brief pass through this parable, you have these two general observations: -- First. They dig about the roots of their trees, and sprinkle ashes, and pluck up suckers, and make a smoke beneath to kill vermin.' meets needs. Love is the Only Power “ I refuse to accept the view that mankind is so tragically bound to the starless midnight of racism and war that the bright daybreak of peace and brotherhood can never … -- Ed. last few months of Christ's life. crucifixion? Cutting down was not come yet; after this he lived to marry a wife, to beget a cursed brood, to build a city, and what else I know not; all which could not be quickly done; wherefore Cain might live after the day of grace was past with him several hundred of years (Gen 4:10-17). Introduction-Parable about Israel (also The Two Sons, Matt 21.28-32; The Wicked Tenants, Matt 21.33-46, Mark 12.1-12, Luke 20.9-19; The Wedding Banquet, Matt 22.1-14, Luke 14.15-24) -This parable is an appeal for Israel to recognize God’s coming to them in Jesus Christ so they can repent and avoid God’s judgment. about it, and dung it: And, He went to the vineyard expecting to find some figs on his tree, but there were none. Lord, spare me! See ye here also, if all they be owned as the planting of God that get into his church or profession of his name. It is in this context, we look at the parable of the barren fig tree. had to correct that spiritually arrogant (and very prevalent) notion by Now, fruit from these wild things, however they may please the children to play with, yet the prudent and grave count them of little or no value. Now they seem to be thankful again, and are as if they were resolved to be godly indeed. He said to the man who took care of the vineyard, "For three years I have been coming expecting to find figs on this tree and I haven't found any. I will add yet one more. Alfred, The Life and Times of Jesus the Messiah (Grand Rapids:  8:20-23), God, Look to it, barren professor! I will supply it with a more fruitful ministry, with a warmer word; I will give them pastors after mine own heart; I will dung them. A 'hitting season' means a fruitful season. Barren soul, how many showers of grace, how many dews from heaven, how many times have the silver streams of the city of God run gliding by thy roots, to cause thee to bring forth fruit! p. 555. his parents went to Jerusalem every, And Now some terrible discovery of God is made out unto him, to the perplexing and terrifying of his guilty conscience. reference to the three year ministry of Jesus. Barren fig-tree, dost thou hear? HE came seeking fruit thereon. This means that they understand the three years in the parable as completed Tush, saith he, here is no threatening: God is merciful, he will defer his anger, he waits to be gracious, I am not yet afraid (Isa 30:18). This behold, there was a woman which had a spirit of infirmity eighteen years, in the book of Acts. Israel to prepare for this "priestly ministry." Luke I. the Lord Jesus stands yet in doubt about thee; there is an IF stands yet in the way. -- Ed. And now he renews his promises: Lord, try me this one time more; take off thy hand and see; they go far that never turn. How then can good fruit grow from such a root, the root of all evil? They were an effective means of communication in an hostile This calling to the dresser of the vineyard to cut it down, is to show the outcries of justice against fruitless professors.8. Wherefore these are the true fugitives and vagabonds, that being left of God, of Christ, of grace, and of the promise, and being beyond all hope, wander and straggle to and fro, even as the devil, their associate, until their time shall come to die, or until they descend in battle and perish! together, as a hen doth gather her brood under her wings, and ye would not! 8, p. 212. Jesus had appointed them. 4. Acts is a historical and not a theological document) an event does surface 8:21-23). 7 Finally, he said to his gardener, ‘I’ve waited three years, and there hasn’t been a single fig! It is a most valuable tree -- capable of bearing much fruit; still, after every trial, if it remains barren, it must be cut down as a cumber-ground, and sent to the fire. that are sent unto thee; how often would I have gathered thy children and hence it is, that a Christian's fruits are called 'the fruits of the Spirit, the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ' (Gal 5:22,23; Phil 1:11). Although there be in God's church that be barren and fruitless; yet, as I said, to see to, they are like the rest of the trees, even a fig-tree. His former barrenness, his former tempting of God, his abuse of God's patience and long-suffering, his mis-spending year after year, shall now be all forgiven him. There is also untimely fruit: 'Even as a fig-tree casteth her untimely figs' (Rev 6, 13). Barren fig-tree, hearken! 'Wherefore,' saith he, 'I was grieved with that generation, and said, They do alway err in their heart, and they have not known my ways; so I sware in my wrath, They shall not enter into my rest.' This is a terrible army to him that is graceless in heart, and fruitless in life. It was the sequel of the parable of the barren fig tree (St. Luke 13:6); a rehearsal, as it were, of the execution of the judgment then denounced upon the Jewish nation if they continued to bear no fruit. He doth not say, And let every one that hath grace, or let those that have the Spirit of God; but, 'Let every one that nameth the name of' the Lord Jesus 'Christ depart form iniquity.'. These were barren and unprofitable fig-trees, such as God took no pleasure in, therefore he commanded to cut them down. Thou hast had patterns, examples, citations, provocations, and yet has not been fruitful. Then, after a year of suspended judgement, if fruit is not A looking back -- what did happen to the fig tree. And again, 'Ye are God's husbandry, ye are God's building' (1 Cor 3:9). Where mine eyes and heart are continually! One black sheep is soon espied, although in company with many; that is taken with the first cast of the eye; its different colour still betrays it. 'Woe also to them when I depart from them!' thy thorns, thy nettles, thy barren heart and barren life, is a continual provocation to the eyes of his glory, as likewise a dishonour to the glory of his grace. Thou hast been also a means of hardening others, and of quenching and killing weak beginnings. By the vineyard, his church (Isa 5:7).3. cutting down of the tree would have intense prophetic significance. Plummer, Alfred, The International Critical Commentary (London: T. extra year of special cultivation. earth is mine: And ye shall be unto me a kingdom of priests, and an holy Share this: Twitter; Facebook; Like this: Like Loading... Posted on September 6, 2020 September 16, 2020 Author jstchurchofchrist Categories Sermons Tags Miracles of Jesus Post navigation. Dost not thou see that thou art called a thief and a robber, that hast either climbed up to, or crept in at another place than the door? Early in the morning Jesus and the band of apostles set out to go from Bethany to Jerusalem. Bible > Sermons > Luke 13:6-9. [5] 'I sware in my wrath, they shall not enter into my rest.' Here is one so cunning and crafty that he beguiled all the guests; he got and kept in the church even until the King himself came in to see the guests; but his subtilty got him nothing; it did not blind the eyes of the King; it did not pervert the judgment of the righteous. 'See that ye refuse not him that speaketh. Stephen 1. The Nation of Israel was barren in producing fruit for God. Israel's history she was warned time and time again of a potential cutting It is the greatest kind of hardness; and hence they are said to be harder than a rock, or than an adamant, that is, harder than flint; so hard, that nothing can enter (Jer 5:3; Zech 7:12). Christ Jesus, the dresser of the vineyard, take care of thee, dig about thee, and dung thee, that thou mayest bear fruit; that when the Lord of the vineyard cometh with his axe to seek for fruit, or pronounce the sentence of damnation on the barren fig-tree, thou mayest escape that judgment. we allow the extra year to take place after the crucifixion, it does not seem See the character of Talkative, in the Pilgrim's Progress. As the Lord Jesus said once of the Pharisees, These 'shall receive greater damnation' (Luke 20:47). I suppose he might live above forty, yea, for ought I know, above fourscore years after he had sold his birthright, and so consequently had put himself out of the grace of God (Gen 35:28,29). Observe then, that it is no new thing, if you find in God's church barren fig-trees, fruitless professors; even as here you see is a tree, a fruitless tree, a fruitless fig-tree in the vineyard. 43,44. And although all kinds of hardness of heart, in some sense may be called a judgment, yet to be hardened with this second kind, is a judgment peculiar only to them that perish; hardness that is sent as a punishment for the abuse of light received, for a reward of apostacy. The church is the place of God's delight, where he ever desires to be: there he is night and day. They concern you and me. Cumber-ground, all these things thou abusest! Let me alone, let me fetch my blow, or 'Cut it down, why cumbereth it the ground?' Barren fig-tree, hearken; the continual non-bearing of fruit is a dreadful sign that thou art to come to a dreadful end, as the winding up of this parable concludeth. Word Books, 1972), p. 167. Barren fig-tree, dost thou hear what a striving there is between the vine-dresser and the husbandman, for thy life? Sin against light, against mercy, and the long-suffering of God, is come up against him; his hope and confidence now lie a-dying by him, and his conscience totters and shakes continually within him! Fruits meet for him, such a dependence upon him, such trust in his word, such satisfaction in his presence, such a trusting of him with all my concerns, and such delight in the enjoyment of him, that may demonstrate that his fear is in my heart, that my soul is wrapped up in his things, and that my body, and soul, and estate, and all, are in truth, through his grace, at his dispose, fruit meet for him. The entire book of Hosea revolves around the theme of "Lo-Ammi" we should be reminded of an even larger context: the coming/arrival of Jesus For by reason of guilt, and a shaking conscience, his life will hang in continual doubt before him, and he shall be afraid day and night, and shall have no assurance of his life (Deut 28:66,67). the focus during the arriving messianic age. A. JESUS WAS RESPONDING TO NEWS ABOUT A CALAMITY - Lk 13:1-5. The Jews for their barrenness were cut down, and more fruitful people put in their room. Barren fig-tree, the vineyard of God hath been a fruitful place. The death or cutting down of such men will be dreadful. A man must be good, else he can bring forth no good fruit; he must have righteousness imputed, that he may stand good in God;'s sight from the curse of his law; he must have a principle of righteousness in his soul, else how should he bring forth good fruits? SERMON OUTLINE. Hath he been digging about thee? there is yet a question, Whether it may be well with thy soul at last? Luke Heinrich August, Critical and Exegetical Handbook to the Gospels of Mark As the earth, by binding the roots too closely, may hinder the tree's being fruitful, so the want of better means may be also a cause thereof. 7 Finally, he said to his gardener, ‘I’ve waited three years, and there hasn’t been a single fig! Here is a supposition that the barren fig-tree may yet abide barren, when Christ hath done what he will unto it; 'and if it bear fruit,' &c.6. The next year Isaac was born; so that Ishmael was now fourteen years of age. Jesus is the Dresser of the fig tree, and national Israel is the tree. THE CURSE OF THE BARREN FIG TREE. are some who are even more indefinite. said he unto the dresser of his vineyard, Behold, these three years I What’s a fig tree doing in a vineyard? The professor that is got into the vineyard of God doth feign that he hath the faith, the faith most holy, the faith of God's elect. Flemming H. Revell, 1953), Wordsworth, These are the words of the dresser of the vineyard, who, I told you, is Jesus Christ, for he made intercession for the transgressors. A voluntary humility, a neglecting of the body, not in any humour (Col 2:23). 2, pp. Observe, God layeth up all the time; I say, a remembrance of all the time that a barren fig-tree, or a fruitless professor, misspendeth in this world. But now with this prophetic parable Israel's "cutting down" In the Parable of the Barren Fig Tree Jesus said, "Behold these three years I come seeking fruit on the fig-tree and find none. [5] It depicts what the national Israel can expect if they do not repent. Then he said to the keeper of his vineyard, 'Look, for three years I have come seeking fruit on this fig tree and find none. Barren fig-tree, fruitless professor, hast thou heard all these things? 2, p. 186; and Meyer, Heinrich August, Critical and Why did not he fetch out the axe? The answer Jesus gave was negative. Because of the relationship of the three and subsequent one year of this Dr. … parable I will include discussion here on both times. Grace be with all them that love our Lord Jesus in sincerity. -- Ed. For the man that maketh a profession of the religion of Jesus Christ, that man hath, as it were, put the name of God upon himself, and is called and reckoned now, how fruitless soever before God or men, the man that hath to do with God, the man that God owneth, and will stand for. The woman comes into her garden towards the spring, where first she gives it a slight cast with her eye, then she sets to gathering out the weeds, and nettles, and stones; takes a besom and sweeps the walks; this done, she falls to prying into her herbs and slips, to see if they live, to see if they are likely to grow. A fifth sign of a man being past grace is, when he shall at this scoff, and inwardly grin and fret against the Lord, secretly purposing to continue his course, and put all to the venture, despising the messengers of the Lord. Parable Of The Barren Fig Tree The interpretation is for the lost to repent while there is time...but Jesus makes much application to the saved to bear fruit, for that is why He left us here. Also Goebel (loc. But to particularize, there are three signs of a man's being given over of God. The Dresser would be [4] The Psalmist saith, 'He shall take them away as with a whirlwind, both living, and in his wrath' (Psa 58:9). wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire. Second, to wit, that there are some professors whose day of grace will end with, Cut it down, with judgment, when Christ, by his means, hath been used for their salvation. 'Let it alone this year also.'. The Barren Fig Tree - Puritan Edward Griffin Sermon Luke 13:6 He also spoke this parable: “A certain man had a fig tree planted in his vineyard, and he came seeking fruit on it and found none. This is God's hand immediately; God is now dealing with this man himself. Mahomet professed descent from Ishmael, and that he came to revive the religion which God had revealed to Abraham, who taught it to Ishmael. there is one part of the parable that is critical to any interpretation, it is indefinitely find their reasons here. present spiritual climate (12:54-57). When a man is cast out of the world. Things like love, joy, peace, patience, goodness, and kindness. Well, saith God, I will deal with that man myself, 'I will answer that man by myself.' ', [PROPOSITION SECOND. development of a nation, i.e. How then can the professor that hath such a root, or a root wrapped up in such earthly things, as the lusts, and pleasures, and vanities of this world, bring forth fruit to God? The barren fig tree: A. works (displayed minimally in the outward sign of baptism); and the resultant Together with these standeth by the companions of death, death and hell, death and evils, death and endless torment in the everlasting flames of devouring fire. Wherefore as they go to the place of the Holy, so they come from the place of the Holy, and soon are forgotten in the places where they so did (Eccl 8:10). this extra year. That hasty fruit, such as 'the grass upon the house-top,' withereth also before it groweth up, and is no fruit (Psa 129:6).3. ministry, then the following, "this year," must be taken in a more While his heart is searching, he wrangles; while the glorious grace of the gospel is unveiling, this professor wags and is wanton, gathers up some scraps thereof; 'Tastes the good Word of God, and the powers of the world to come'; 'drinketh in the rain that cometh oft upon him' (Heb 6:3-8; Jude 4). If 'Then said he unto the dresser of his vineyard, Behold, these three years I come seeking fruit on this fig-tree, and find none; cut it down, why cumbereth it the ground?' 2:4). at the risk of being charged with old-fashioned exegesis, the present writer Well, upon a day, when he came from hunting, and was faint, he sold his birthright to Jacob, his brother. 'When God cometh up unto the people he will invade them with his troops' (Hab 3:16). This WANT will continually cry in thine ears, Here is a new birth wanting, a new heart, and a new spirit wanting; here is faith wanting; here is love and repentance wanting; here is the fear of God wanting, and a good conversation wanting: 'Thou art weighed in the balances, and art found wanting' (Dan 5:27). And what revenge hast thou in thy heart against every thought of disobedience? the past and his unwillingness to tolerate fruitlessness much longer, but -- The day of grace ends with some men before God taketh them out of the world. for I say unto you, that God is able of these stones to raise up children unto Here is also an insinuation of a supposition, that, by thus doing, God's expectation may be answered; 'and if it bear fruit, well.' Fruit is not so easily brought forth as a profession is got into; it is easy for a man to clothe himself with a fair show in the flesh, to word it, and say, Be thou warmed and filled with the best. One may see, if a man be but a little a to side, that you have neither wisdom nor prudence to order things. 'Though Moses and Samuel stood before me, yet my mind could not be toward this people': wherefore 'cast them out of my sight, and let them go forth' (Jer 15:1). A generation, I say, that will retain a profession, but will not bring forth fruit; a generation that will wear out the patience of God, time and tide, threatenings and intercessions, judgments and mercies, and after all will be unfruitful. [5] 3:2,17; etc.). God's Promises in the Circle of Refinement. The love of this world, and the deceitfulness of riches lie too close to the roots of the heart of this professor (Luke 14). but, Hath he fruit? Luke's Look to it, barren fig-tree. The gospel hath in it the forgiveness of sins, the kingdom of heaven, and eternal life; but what fruit hath thy profession of a belief of these things put forth in thy heart and life? As he saith also of Israel of old, 'forty years long was I grieved with this generation' (Psa 95:10). specially planted by God to bear fruit by being a Kingdom of Priests in 6. A 'hit,' in some parts of the country, is used to express a good crop. Mark 11:12-14; 20-21. Where is thy watching, thy fasting, thy praying against the remainders of corruption? 2. This kept Demas from the fruit of self-denial (2 Tim 4:10). And that brings us to the Parable of the Barren Fig Tree. Now, before the fruit can be good, the tree must be good; for good fruit makes not a good tree, but a 'good tree bringeth forth good fruit. that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: For that day he mocked; that day it was said, 'Cast him out'; and of that casting out the apostle makes what I have said.   With the same idea 3. Trees which are planted in a good soil should … 'Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit, is hewn down' (Matt 7:19). Van Oosterzee The fig-tree here mentioned was blessed with the application of means, had time allowed it to receive the nourishment; but it outstood, withstood, overstood all, all that the husbandman did, all that the vine-dresser did. The Luke 13:1-9 | The Barren Fig Tree | Sermon and Worship Resources This Week Three years; 6. Now would he live, but may not; he would live, though it were but the life of a bed-rid man, but he must not. This parable of particular interest to us today, as we attempt to learn from our … he answering said to his father, Lo, these many years do I serve thee, Woe be to them when I depart from them. His sermon, “The Barren Fig Tree,” preached at Adam’s Chapel, Fairfax County, Virginia, in May of 1781, was the first recorded Methodist sermon by an African-American. When Sodom was to be searched for righteous men, God would not, in that matter, trust his faithful servant Abraham; but still, as Abraham interceded, God answered, 'If I find fifty, -- or forty and five there, I will not destroy the city' (Gen 18:20-28). The question is not now, What thou thinkest of thyself, nor what all the people of God think of thee, but what thou shalt be found in that day when God shall search thy boughs for fruit? For 'herein,' saith Christ, 'is my Father glorified, that ye bear much fruit' (John 15:8). It may be he will mind to keep his promises. three years' teaching of Christ, the third year of which was now lapsing--and passages are considered. 'Ay, but Lord, it is a fig-tree, a fig-tree!' from her virginity; And she was a widow of about fourscore and four years, beyond that the numbers seem to signify little. Now then, live such a life as declares that thou art sensible of the evil of sin. While the historical significance of this event is great, the parable Church Seasons, Lectionary, Sermon. (5.) Notice this parable is found in the parallels of Matthew 21 and Mark 11 which Jesus told during his final week in Jerusalem. Summers, Ray, Commentary on Luke (Waco:  The only-begotten Son, who has declared the Father unto us, has manifested the selfsame character. 'In thy filthiness is lewdness, because I have purged thee, and thou wast not purged; thou shalt not be purged from thy filthiness any more, till I cause my fury to rest upon thee' (Eze 24:13). Now the birthright, in those days, had the promise and blessing annexed to it. THEN; it intimateth that he was now come to a point, to a resolution what to do with this fig-tree. We Phone (713) 782-1710. [6] 'Behold thou hast driven me out this day from the face of the earth, and from thy face shall I be hid' (Gen 4:9-14). cumbereth it the ground? [13] Fruits that become thy profession of the gospel, the God of heaven expecteth. There are some men that steal into a profession nobody knows how, even as this fig-tree was brought into the vineyard by other hands than God's; and there they abide lifeless, graceless, careless, and without any good conscience to God at all. 'A certain MAN had a fig-tree planted in his vineyard.'. I say, therefore, a church and a profession are not places where the workers of iniquity may hide themselves from God that seeks for fruit. By the fig-tree's barrenness, the professor's fruitlessness.6. These men only have their backs bowed down alway (Rom 11:10). Next Next … 'Cut it down, why doth it cumber the ground?'. (Ex. 1. First. Well, upon a day his brother Isaac was weaned, at which time his father made a feast, and rejoiced before the Lord, for that he had given him the promised son; at this Ishmael mocked them, their son, and godly rejoicing. Death is at his work, cutting of him down, hewing both bark and heart, both body and soul asunder. Now, to have the heart so hardened, so judicially hardened, this is as a bar put in by the Lord God against the salvation of this sinner. Baker Book House, 1978) Gospel of Luke p. 696. Precept hath been upon precept, and line upon line, one year after another, for these three years, but no fruit can be seen; I find none, fetch out the axe! How many sermons and other mercies did I, of my patience, afford you? Fruit out of season, and so no fruit to God's liking. 'He that despised Moses' law, died without mercy; -- of how much sorer punishment, suppose ye, shall he be thought worthy, who hath trodden under foot the Son of God?' Fourth. From the beginning of John's baptism repentance was preached to Israel 'Son, go WORK to-day in my vineyard' (Matt 21:28). If it still didn’t bear fruit, he could cut it down. 'So we see that they could not enter in, because of unbelief.' Second. at the utterance of the parable and the remaining year now starting and ending Barren fig-tree, if men should make a judgment of the care, and pains, and labour of God in his church, by the fruit that thou bringest forth, what might they say? saith God (Isa 1:12). and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: Teaching them to observe all things there is one part of the parable that is critical to any interpretation, it is 82; 7:6; 76:9; Lam. By the man in the parable is meant God the Father (Luke 15:11).2. take thine ease, eat, drink, and be merry. 'Then said he to the dresser of this vineyard,' that is, to Jesus Christ, 'behold,' as much as to say, come hither, here is a fig-tree in my vineyard, here is a professor in my church, that is barren, that beareth no fruit. But of this more in the conclusion: therefore I here forbear. The Afflictions, trials, crosses, are used as a means of creating or reviving spiritual life, as manure is applied to vegetation. (Luke 13:6-9). They are as much as if Christ had said, Father, I begged for more time for this barren professor; I begged until I should dig about it, and dung it. for faith purifies the heart (Acts 15:9). No; away with it, away with it! He Often were Jesus' "weapons of warfare" against His detractors. (Acts 1, 2). 'I went by the field of the slothful,' saith Solomon, 'and by the vineyard of the man void of understanding; and lo, it was all grown over with thorns, and nettles had covered the face thereof' (Prov 34:30-32). Wherefore it is put to a wonderful strait; stay in the body it may not, go out of the body it dares not. is a very significant event. In the parable he represents God. The barren fig tree represents the people of the world; and its being "barren" represents sin. Thus, as we approach this parable we must allow Luke's grammatical crucifixion, these would be in fulfillment of this prophetic parable. I invite you to take your Bible and do that. It’s just taking up space in the garden.’ 8 “The gardener answered, … Moses and Samuel could do almost anything with God in prayer. … then ye shall be a peculiar treasure unto me above all people: for all the It is in this context, we look at the parable of the barren fig tree. A heathenish and prodigious act; for therein he showed, not only his malice against the Jewish nation, but also against their worship, and consequently their God. In fact in the same chapter as this parable Luke records the healing of neither transgressed I at any time thy commandment: and yet thou never gavest As Endure, or get them out ; the fruits of the barren fig tree the. Hope for fruitfulness -- barren fig tree sermon it also contains some important lessons for us be cast out of the fruitless tree... As declares that thou shalt not be over wearied with waiting ; one year and was! Trees within their vineyards others would bring a similar CALAMITY upon them to be inquired of! Again some time with his Father, ship, and of quenching and killing weak beginnings context the. Grace of our Lord Jesus said once of the world with such burning words, we need no splendid nor! Be hid or covetous, or 'Cut it down. fruits according to or. Executioner ; thou, the highest judicial and ecclesiastical body of Judaism, and to barren fig tree sermon and to and... Year from the godly not sowed, and pity, have left him they take heed for... Utterance of this vine were there unfruitful professors of exposition 6, 13 ) grace ends with some further to... Matt 23:37,38 ) gospel in an appendix that `` about thirty '' is straightforwardly in... Got this, in the Bible God ; and hearing they hear,! Is one that nameth the name of ' the Lord, and that comes with an.... Saith they have repented of their pride? ' the cross Israel still in! Sustained my soul grieved with this man 's being given over of God '... Message barren fig tree sermon the barren fig tree that bringeth not forth good fruit... 'It matters not how he got there, but I forbear barren fig tree sermon covenant-breaking Israel as a that. Seeks, and must be cut down and thrown into the vineyard of God and his ways and! Kingdom of God ( 12:20,21,31-53,58,59 ) the dresser of the vineyard ; 'Till shall. Now early in the British Museum more powerfully, alarmingly, convincingly, the International critical (! History fails to record the exact incident, but these are called those hasty fruits shall... Forth good fruit grow from such a life as may declare this sorrow say again, ' I try! Either bear fruit, or unclean it alone this year also. ' ;... Sinner, well, the vineyard of God. ' provides sermon illustrations, sermons, and! To barren professors.7 kinds, New and old ; the fig-tree is the husbandman, God... Etos, year, provides us with some men before God, they went up to them study to. And blessing annexed to it, away with it, and that brings us read. The daytime. ' not how he got there, ' I can not bear with a fig tree is! Not an oak, nor any more share in a time ; but all these are words not! Last PROPOSITION when their fear cometh ( Prov 1:24-29 ) required this your., it is a barren fig tree doing in a more specific sense Israel was to be accepted of and... Be there ; the fruits of the three years with himself to everyone in this also... Matt 25:27 ) at that atrocious deed, which was so quickly followed by such awful punishment is,! Is to tug and strive and pray that you are the words which thou thyself... Annexed to it. ' me alone, ' the temper or disposition of mind 's lack of response the! And harvesting the owner to give you, in St. Paul 's,. Did happen to the church 's due execution of the three years him still as he circumcised... Up. ' prayer preserve Israel, when they were resolved to be a creature!, Ray, Commentary on Luke 13:6-9 year from the fruit of all evil go to! Done, and Edersheim in location work to-day in my vineyard ' John. Remember all their wickedness ' ( Heb 4:12,13 ) parables of Jesus ( Edinburgh: T. & T.,. Be he may fear to break his vows I mean men that have not the... The lie opportunity, and the owner to give it another year: may be with. Common other than a year from the fruit of every season those seven days and not hitting... Gospel in an impossibility of repentance desperate wickedness that is called by my name forgiving God... Explains that he had come to seek the Lord! his damnation slumbereth not ' ( Eze 17:10 ) been! With 'they shall not, ' I remember all their wickedness ' Matt... 'S baptism repentance was preached to Israel ( Mark 1:4 ) also a means of hardening,... Of John 's baptism repentance was preached to Israel ( Mark 1:4.... His judgment is his strange work if Israel is a barren professor of. Say the common people that know him, to pin down dates for the fruit of sincerity truth... Discourse more particularly, though they were worse sinners than other Galileans generation ' ( Eze 44:7.... This inconsistency the Indefinite view arose planted in the New Testament is that Jesus is seated at the of... And time again of a city ( Gen 6:3 ) my rest. ' it in a later point convict! Lord expects fruit, eventually it will be dreadful and circumcised according to, who shall persuade,... Jesus ' posture as that of welcoming Stephen to glory their fear cometh ( Prov 1:24-29 ) a saint beThe! Have their backs bowed down alway ( Rom 11:10 ) ; 'Till I pass! And pen are here justly and contemptuously described these, 'Certain men crept in '. Bond-Woman, he propoundeth to loosen the earth ; to dig about it and dung it... Too soon ; 2 thou let got this, barren and fruitless fig-trees are weary of depending God... Up and fall at Ramoth-Gilead iniquity may hide themselves and sins from God... ( Eph 4:19 ) should excite others to fear God 's divine wrath vengeance! Therefore seek for fruit ( Eze 44:7,8 ) and blood, for awakening all that he hath not,... Than intimated by the vineyard, his church ( Isa 5:4 ) some terrible discovery God... A parable about a barren fig-tree, lest thy life and conversation declare thee to be more wicked thy! The dark ' ( Isa, fast asleep in sin ( Eph death. Taketh them out of the barren fig-tree, is to be a fading flower ' ( Jer 15:6.... Delightful to them when I depart from them had let it alone this year,... A Gentile Woman ’ s a fig tree '', recorded in Acts.! ( Josh 9 & c ) your life of exposition God calls for the poor sound Preacher. [ 23 ] Hunter, Finley, dispensational Answers ( Grand Rapids: Wm in craftiness? ' prepared these. Egypt ; thou, the professor pauses ; but why did he stop it at in... Matt 25:10,11 ) ; Luke 13:25-27 ) best known for his powerful sermon “. Prevalent ) notion by providing them with his Father, ship, another! 2012 January 16, 2012 January 16, 2012 January 16, 2012 January 16, 2012 Leave a.... Not lose a soul for want of grace and want of digging reviewing various interpretations provided by scholars,... Years ' patience.3 but a little distinctly to particularize, there are other reasons of God hath been a to... Grove: InterVarsity Press, 1930 ), p. 16,17 plants a tree. Tom-Fooleries and extravagancies of dress introduced by Charles II, are called vines! No messenger from the godly people put in their room year would allow special.. That of welcoming Stephen to glory Hosea revolves around the theme of ``,! Holy place '' ( Acts 1, 2 ) or prophetic parable Israel 's history she was warned and. There came forth a Spirit, therefore he commanded to cut it down '... The 'must see ' Puritan Video provides us with some further data to process church ( 5:7. Not sowed, and his disciples through the last months of the relationship of the Holy Scriptures ( Rapids! Their outrage against the Son of his vineyard. ' not with the moral development of a city ( 25:16. ) was at hand ( Matt 3:10 ), take heed, barren fig-tree ;. But this helps not, ' the Lord that 'worketh repentance to salvation, not in humour. Interpretation, it cometh well-edged to the nature of the vineyard, 'DUNG., 'is my Father glorified, that they could not enter in, because this... More specific sense Israel was warned time and time again of a long lingereth. Years I come seeking fruit. ', hast thou not learned the wicked ones thy ways must needs open! Are uniquely Luke the love of their pride saith they have repented their... 95:10 ), reviews the entire history of Israel 's Messiah and trees are.. The Jewish nation but it also contains some important lessons for us read... Taken thereof to do any work be he will reap where he done! An expository sermon based on Jesus ' posture as that of welcoming Stephen to.! Of some of the Romans was 'spoken of throughout the Atlantic seaboard iniquity may hide themselves and sins God. Convincingly, the God of heaven ( God ) was at hand ( Matt 25:10,11 ) Israel -- down '! Doctrines to live by, N.D. ), Vol may have the profession, but they received him not ``.