Vibrational Information is a newly created, unique community experience. We encourage and award positive deeds in a “pay it forward” mentality. We want to show appreciation and note the good deeds of our members, from the awe-inspiring feats to the little things that brighten someone’s day. We strongly feel there is an ongoing shift in global consciousness that can be expedited by working on becoming better versions of ourselves. Our goal is to encourage individuals to make sure that the vibe we put out into the world is positive, loving and helpful.

This platform was created as a tool for anyone interested to learn about forgotten ancient history, discover a new art or develop your own creativity in ways that can be inspiring to others and help enable them to take their interest or skill as far as they can imagine. Vibrational Information gives people from all walks of life an equal opportunity to express themselves in an accepting and growth-inspiring creative environment which has the potential of creating positive turning points in peoples’ lives. Here you will also be able to make new connections with like-minded individuals; whether it be for friendship, business or personal enrichment, all in a fresh and exciting way!

-Rob Arnold, Filmmaker, RWA Films

Most importantly, on Vibrational Information, we will encourage people to share personal stories, for the purpose of supporting others, regarding their own experiences of individual growth and development. Our platform will give users a safe place to post past experiences, for the rest of the community, so the story-teller and audience can grow toward a better understanding of themselves and others. By welcoming challenges and viewing our struggles, as a learning experience, we are opening ourselves up to the vast possibility of receiving knowledge, wisdom and confidence in return. Vibrational Information wants to help people across the globe achieve a better quality of life through human connections and reduce our reliance on material comforts.

Creative Expressions

To the left is an example of my current creative expression. If you’re interested in seeing more, please check out Time-Lapse Series and Time-Lapse Movie for more information.

Over the past year I have started creating time-lapses turning them into something I like to call “Time-Lapse Story Telling”. The past year was rough for a lot of people, including me. During this time, I created time-lapses as a way of keeping things in perspective, keeping them fun and interesting.

These time-lapses have now turned into a creative expression that has grown into a fun project that keeps evolving. Vibrational Information will become a platform where people can share their creative expressions and get feedback from others.




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