“Creating A change, through Sociological Exchange”

“Healing our society through sociological means”

“Working to raise the standards of informative & educational media”

     Awakening Truth is a humanitarian based documentary series focused on documenting the humanitarian aspects that individuals or groups have worked hard towards developing. We’ve made it our mission to document these incredible individuals as well as our own experiences to show what and how we have learned along the way. We hope to empower our audience through the sharing of life experiences and bringing to light the people we have met who have devoted their lives and careers towards making our world a better place for all. We aim to add substance, credibility and comfort to the current media and social media standard, by showing the importance behind social exchange. We also want to develop a relationship with our audience so they can understand the value of a TV show that may empower you as opposed to the opposite. This is our way of starting to raise the standards of media!

Awakening Truth "An Inside Look"

For a Pre-Order of this Documentary, please go to my site listed below! If you would like more content pertaining to this type of information, please support RWA Films by purchasing our DVD Awakening Truth so we may bring you more personalized content.Our Documentary is not yet finished and, we have a few more people and places we would like to see. If you have any suggestions on great people or places you think RWAFilms should check out please let us know! We hope you enjoy, thanks!http://www.rwafilms.com/?product=awakening-truth-the-documentaryhttps://www.facebook.com/awakeningtruthseries

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    “Awakening Truth” is RWA Film’s first large project, a completely independently funded, non- biased viewer experience that aims towards educating, exploring and shedding light on important aspects of our past and how to implement those ideals in our modern day society. We wanted to create a docu-series as a way of getting the information, knowledge and wisdom out to the public that we were lucky enough to receive. We felt the best way to do this was by sharing our personal experience in an attempt to give the audience a better connection to the learning experience as well as information about our new perspectives as our story develops in “Real Time”.

-Robert Arnold, RWA Films CEO


Jim Vieira (Thought & Effect)

This is a short video snippet that we felt was important to share with you all at this time. Watch a short video as Jim Vieira, explains his thoughts on what might be important for us in the world today.Enjoy the video and please help support us! We hope to continue documenting more individuals and groups we see are making humanitarian efforts towards creating a brighter future for us all!#Freeourhistory #RWAFilms #Awakening_Truth_Series

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