2010 California Code Family Code Article 1.5. Notice Of Motion To Set Aside Judgment Of Paternity (Family Law-Government) Download Free Print-Only PDF OR Purchase Interactive PDF Version of this Form. Without such a declaration, if the child is born to unmarried parents, the name of the father cannot be put on the birth certificate. Enter the information as indicated on the form and file with the court as appropriate. Cancel « Prev. California Paternity. Responsive Declaration To Application To Set Aside Voluntary Declaration Of Paternity Form. Man who signed is not bio father. - Justia Forms All Right Reserved. TO (name): Petitioner Respondent CASE NUMBER: Local Child Support Agency Other (specify): 2. The declaration can be signed … d. There is another California judgment of paternity in a different case for the same previously established father and child. Setting Aside Or Vacating Judgment Of Paternity FAMILY.CODE SECTION 7645-7649.5 7645. Under California Family Code Section 7646, if there has already been a judgment establishing paternity and the parents later find out dad is not really the biological father, the judgment can be set aside. Establishing the fact of paternity can be a major factor in a child’s life, both psychologically and economically. If the parents sign at the hospital, both parents' names will go on the child’s birth certificate, and the birth mother does not need to go to court to prove who … 6. It is really for establishing paternity between a child and unmarried persons. (Subd (c) amended effective January 1, 2007; previously amended effective January 1, 2003.). The declaration must be signed by the moving party under the penalty of perjury and … (Please note, online access to filed Voluntary Declarations of Parentage is only for authorized California agencies who have a business need to access this information. A … Information Sheet For Completing Request For Hearing-Application To Set Aside Voluntary Declaration Of Paternity Form. Next »