Cast of Awakening Truth

The Awakening Truth Series and Vibrational information Media platform are currently two separate humanitarian based projects, bound together through many mutually beneficial aspects.

    Awakening Truth Series, have a variety of well-known individuals that specialize in various humanitarian areas related to science, culture and ancient history. They have been featured on many TV shows and networks including History Channels “Ancient Aliens” and “Search for the Lost Giants” as well as other network/independent documentaries. Each member of the cast has received an abundance of media attention from all over the world, increasingly so as time passes.

Jim Vieira, Chris Dunn, John Cadman, Ross Hamilton, Brien Foerster, Jason Verbelli John Searl & Searl Magnetics, (Fernando Morris, Russell Anderson), Josh Toms, Kevin Davis as well as a few others.

    We have traveled the Americas to acquire a plethora of high quality content including interviews, exploration of ancient sites, evidence of ancient technology and anthropological abnormalities. All of the information has been captured in an effort to understand our evolution from all perspectives psychological, sociological, biological etc. This may help a better understanding of our current position in time, with the hopes of creating a future that can have more education behind our decision-making and problem solving.