Josh Toms

Josh Toms    Josh Toms is an artist and experimenter following in the footsteps of Nikola Tesla and Ed Leedskalnin’s work. His art depicts mathematical, sacred geometric and energetic relationships based on Tesla’s and Leedskalnin’s discoveries, as well as from his own experiments…

    Josh is an avid supporter of alternative solutions such as free energy and supports movements such as the Tesla Science Foundation and the Global Breakthrough Energy Movement. Josh is also the founder of the Million Volt March which has the goal of bringing like minded individuals together to explore different sustainable options for the future.

    In Awakening Truth, Josh speaks about the history and fates of Tesla and Leedskalnin and shares information about their work and discoveries, and how our society may prosper once again given that we start implementing the results of their work. Also discussed, is how he aims towards changing the current paradigm of our society by bringing inventors together.