We plan to raise the standards in media, social media and entertainment. Currently with fast growing resonance-chamberstechnological adaptations in our educational system we have adopted a new integrated way of learning and most importantly evolving utilizing the internet as our guide and tool! This is not a bad thing not should it seem like it. Humans utilize creation in order to experience more through extensions that they have developed through time. In order for our civilization to take the correct path forwards we need to establish a few regulations in regards to the information we spread and the values we hold towards most of our entertainment and media needs. If we take a step back and observe our rapid movement through space IN time then it can make it easier to look at the vast amount of information contained within the minds of all combining to one mind! Internet!


Lets take care of our extended Connected Brain and put some rules in so we can utilize the connections of the past as well as the ones of the future. We should not allow anything that has been of human manifestation into a world take control, pride, happiness, perception etc. away from us! This is nothing that should be considered impossible or hard b.c of the influence of the operations. We are the most influential individuals if we can only become EMPOWERED to be and do what we love most but also make a living doing it! We should not categorize or priorities the loved ones  in our lives at young ages but rather nurture and explore the deepest depths of understanding from one to another in both ways giving us a stronger more fertile foundation en Evolving as a species. As of now no matter what we do the Internet will be the CENTER point connecting us all as it stores our SHARED experiences for others to then elaborate on that in their life if they choose to do so. This is how we have evolved for thousands of years and as humans born from earth our “mother” we can see she has led us to create a beautiful way for over 8 billion people to communicate and EVOLVE together as a whole without needing to be in the same country!

img_1250This is leaps and bounds from other technology and should be looked at as not a feet or a hierarchy. We are no more advanced than other cultures many before our time but we have created something or rather manifested something from a part of our selves we may need to EXPLORE as there may be many unexplained answers behind the unseen…..

Empowerment is incredibly important if utilized as a sociological tool a means to uplift our environment in order to uplift our evolutionary process. In psychology we learn we are constructed, or comprised of, 2 primary influences one being NATURE 50% the other being NURTURE. We are the light as we travel through space IN time. The mother holds the space for our creations to be. If we can detach from the current mindsets and thought constructs developed over thousands of years we can then understand the ways to nurture our growth develop our society and empower our people to do unimaginable things all with an understanding of the future!

RWAFilms and Vibrational information would like to offer the resources that we can and have already gathered in a push towards a brighter future that all of us would like to live and leave for our families! we believe that ALLOWING for growth in all areas of the self is important in education for all involved! We shall not enable but rather allow for others to be themselves and not judging b.c of our own preconceived notions. AS a humanitarian film production company RWAFilms has made strides towards creating documentaries series that hopes to shed light on the ancient past and what they once valued most impotent for survival in order to allow us to observe the changes and give options for the future. This series will feature guests who have spent there lives dedicating them selves to research that in main stream academia is not considered as important as the answers are already there apparently! Now we have an exponential growth in our ways of communication and our ability to share resources has become easier by the day! Let’s utilize this and evolve with the tools or extensions we have made!

If we are successful, we are going to:

• Release the entire docu-series 4 months once every week 10 min long

• Create an online media platform where anyone interested will be able to join, have their own blog, join community discussions and events, have special discounted access to high-quality media (photo/video/audio/art) coupons and FREE downloads all for the purpose of expanding upon our idea of “Creating a Change Through Sociological Exchange”

• Invite featured guests to partake in group discussions and video conferences with community members. Reputable professionals that are already on board with the project if the campaign is successful are Brien Foerster (“Ancient Aliens”, Author & Researcher), John Cadman (“Ancient Aliens”, Engineer & Researcher) & Ross Hamilton (“Ancient Aliens”, “Search for the Lost Giants”, Author) among many others.

• Offer exclusive extra content from the Awakening Truth series, such as: high-resolution video and  photos from the locations we’ve traveled to, behind-the-scenes footage.

• A continuous supply of affordable high-resolution 4K stock footage (photos/video time lapses).

• The opportunity for people to be up-to-date with RWA Films’ current and future projects.

• FREE content and media downloads

• Devote the majority of our funds research and lives towards bringing the viewer more content that they can relate too and learn from

    These are the things we need to be able to put out Awakening Truth for free and create the platform:

    We have spent so far accumulative $40-$50k to get this far and we are asking for the help to finish this piece so it can be something that stands out, makes a difference in today’s media and opens the hearts and minds of individuals all around the globe. To do this right we need to do the project justice and utilize the  of large quantity high quality content we have compiled.

• Professional Editor = $5,000

• Music/Score = $3,000

• Legalities = $2,000

• Online Platform Startup = $10,000

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